Freitag, 20. September 2013

Unforgettable Summer Memories

Ina from what Ina Loves wants to know what our unforgettable summer moments are.
I love the Idea to bring these memories full of warm and bright sun back to mind as I had an amazing summer this year.

1st Memory: My Garden

For the first time this year I planted a lot of herbs but some veggies as well in my garden. While we were busy with cleaning out the back Yard and painting the shed in the spring we actually could get a lot of fresh greens out of the town. We had a lot of green beans and some corn. And soooo many Zucchini. I was happy every time I could gather something. In my eyes nothing tastes better then things you grew yourself. And as you can see I alsway had a great team of supporter around me. :)

2nd Memory: The Beach

As we don't live far from a few beautiful beaches we drove there every once in a while for just a nice long walk. Our dog Floris loves to be there too so we all had a great day.

3rd Memory: Butterflies

I love Butterflies. I cannot get enough from them. This small fragile creatures with that huge variety in size, shape and color. We have been in a few butterfly houses this summer and I loved it. I will write an extra post about that very soon.


  1. ach was für schöne bilder :D hört sich auch alles sehr toll an :)

    1. Danke Ina! Ich freu mich schon auf den nächsten Monat. Ich weiss gar nicht wo ich anfangen soll mit den Veränderungen der letzten 10 Jahre :)