Mittwoch, 25. September 2013


Hey all,

one of our local supermarkets publishes a monthly magazine with a lot of receipts in it - Allerhande. And the best: it's for free!
I usually can't wait until I get the new magazine in my hands. This month it is all about cakes.
Here I show you some impressions and surely you will find some of the results - made by me in a later post.

Uh, I can get so exciting about the little things.
But for now, please excuse me. I have the feeling I need to sit on my couch now, armed with a pot of tea, post its and markers hahahaha - only a dream as I still have to work today :)

Have a great day all!


  1. ohhh ohhh ohhh :D ich muss es haben! wo findet man das tolle Magazin den?

  2. ohhh ohhh ohhh :D wie toll das aussieht! wo bekomme ich das magazin denn her?

    1. Gibts hier im Albert Heijn. Ich hab dir grad ne Mail geschrieben :)