Samstag, 28. September 2013

A nice start in the Weekend

Hi all,

as you could guess from the title my weekend started very good. After walking the dog we went to the city center to go to the marked as usual on Saturdays. 
Today we decided to grab some food there so we went to the Bagels & Beans in Almere.
I love it there and usually this is what I get :)

A Salmon Bagel and a Matcha Latte together with some fresh juice. This time a Strawberry juice.

Besides getting tons of veggies and fruits I also bought some things for a selfmade muesli. I've got mais flakes, fresh roasted nuts and sunflower seeds and mixed it with some table spoons of Chia Seeds.

We also got some new Tea as we are running low. Since we stopped drinking coffee the consumption of tea raised a lot.
Here our all-time favorites and my fantastic tea pot I felt in love with during my vacation in France.

Isn't it sweet? THERE ARE CUPCAKES (!!!!) ON IT! Well, you get the point, I love it.

And at the end I was even able to get the new Vegan Fit Magazine, this time 2 for 1. What a day! hahahaha. Since I stopped eating meat I love this magazine as it shows so many fantastic receipts for vegitarians. As you can see, I covered them already in post it notes hahahaha.

Now I will use the sum and work a little bit in my garden. Count the Zucchini to come, get the last green beans in and see how the corn is doing. I also want to gather some herbs and mint to freeze them. I will share all this with you tomorrow so make sure you stop by :)

Have a nice Saturday,

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