Samstag, 14. September 2013

Hey, I am new :)

Hello World ... hahaha

I just wanted to start this blog with telling you a little bit more about me.
I am Susann and 29. I am living in the Netherlands at the moment. I hardly could decide what language to use in my blog. My Dutch writing skills are so to say - nonexistent. To use German - my native language - is not the smartest thing to do as lots of my friends don't talk German. So English it is.

I am very interested in everything about gardening. I started growing vegetables this year for the first time. What can I say. A lot of it was a success and a few things I have to adjust. But that is quiet normal I think. Part of my blog will cover that part I think.

Also I am in love with the nature. I love to be outside. We do have a dog and I am always searching for nice places to go with him. A few of my "discoveries" will be shown here as well.

Health and food is the last part I will cover here. That will contain recepies for food and juices/ smoothies. Also I learn a lot about Superfoods at the moment and will keep you posted on the results here as well.

If that sounds interesting for you then I would love to have YOU as a follower. If you expect the 234.039.394st sweet table in pastel colors with paper straws I have to tell you please keep searching. Don't get me wrong. I love every single sweet table from the other bloggers I have seen so far. It is only not my thing. I sure want to show you nice pictures here - also from my food. I am just not patient enough work around a nice plate trying to get the perfect shoot. 
And I guess you can tell by now I am quite honest hahahaha.

One more thing I want to mention: I do not eat meat at the moment. I stopped in September 2012 out of curiosity. I - as a typical German - usually started my breakfast with something "meaty" like a ham sandwich or something. Had some meat for Lunch and ended the day with? Right! Meat. I wanted to stop eating meat for 40 days. And well, I stuck with it as I feel very good without it and have no cravings what so ever.
I still do eat fish but also rarely. Once in 2 weeks maybe.

So, I guess you've got a little idea of who I am. It would be nice if I "see you around".
Many greetings,

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