Samstag, 21. September 2013

Day out with the Dog - Wassenaar Dog Beach

Hi all,

I had a fantastic summer party with all my colleagues yesterday. That is how we started the day in the morning. *YUMMY*

But now back to the topic for today. As we do have a dog we want to take him with us everytime we do something. Ofcourse that is not always possible. Take the beaches here for example. On most of them dogs are not allowed between May and October. But there are some great exeptions to the rule. Wassenaar is one of them. First you walk a little bit through the dunes and then you have a huge part of the beach only for you. Normaly there are not so many people there.
But its beautyful, don't you think?

The only thing that I don't like about this beach is that you don't have a Bar/Cafe somewere. The first time we have been there we did not take anything to drink and could not get anything somewere. But well, you learn about your misstakes, don't you? :)

And Floris loves to be on the beach. He is running and sniffing and just looks so happy the entire time.

 I wish you all a nice Saturday. I will now go to the weekly market here and prepare a few posts later for the following week.

Many greetings,


  1. Susann You`ve got nice pictures, and nice dog. Pretty nice see You back in our group. I hope this time is for long period. Greets.

    1. Yes, I try my best. Have a better planning this time. So hopefully it's more easy to stick with it besides work.