Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Spring is coming

Hi all,

it's been a while since my last post. My garden was still in the winter sleep and I didn't want to bore you with only food or crocheting. But now you have to go through this again ;)

As the title already says, spring is coming. How did I found out? :) First, there is no snow. Also it is getting warmer and the days get longer. Aaaaaaand the first flowers pop out the ground. And they are fast!
I can't believe how much is going on outside already. Here some pictures for you:

Here something I also want to show you.
I started a new crocheting project - crochet along. It's pretty cool, you get pattern every week and start crocheting a blanket. At the end of the year you are done, learned a lot of stitches and I improved my crocheting skills a lot I hope.

Jolanda from here is one of the organizers and started translating the patterns from English to Dutch.
I started a little late so I had to catch up a little. At the moment we are at week 9 and coming Friday we will get the next part. I am nearly done with week 8 now.

So, this was the first post for now. I am about to prepare some more for the next days. I made a lot of new reciepts and would like to share these with you. Also I put the first seed in the ground- well in my little green houses. But more about this later.

Many Greetings,

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