Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Crocheting Hammock for the cats

Hi all,

during the past few weeks I was busy with crocheting a new hammock for the cats. So they would have something new to lay in and sleep. Well what else do cats the whole day, right?

So today I finished this project. As I see so many things all of the time that I want to make I really need to be strict to myself to just finish one thing AFTER the other :) So I am also super happy now as I can go on with something new. I still could do a second one but this is maybe for later. I have so many things in my mind. Finger puppets and a blanked for the soon to come niece bay shoes for a friend who is also expecting, a blanket for me and so on... 

But now, here the finished hammock :)

Enjoy the rest of the Sunday,

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