Montag, 31. März 2014

Garden update

Hi all,

I just want to give you some heads up about the garden.
As you can see below our garlic and radishes are already quiet big. We have a big helper here scanning the bed every day :)

If you do a closer look - like really close, you can see a little bit of what I expect to be a carrot seedling. It is tiny and I only spotted 2 of them so I really hope the others will join. Unfortunately the onion play death, they have not shown up yet. But I am still positive that they just need a little more time.
We will see.

Also inside our plants became quiet big in the past weeks.
You see here different sort of tomatoes, egg plant, chili and bell pepper. In the little green house we started courgette, squash and some salad.

So, that was a short update. I will keep you in the loop.
Next week we will get new garden furniture so I can enjoy the sun even more.

Have a great start in the week,

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