Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Why self made Viamin Water rocks!

Hi all,

you can get them now everywere and in all flavours: Vitamin Water. The thing with them is, that you never know what's really in it if you just purchase it. Lots of them still contain sugar, flavor enhancers and all the things that is not so good for us.

That's why I usally make my own Vitamin Water. I know exaclty whats in int and most of the time its even much cheaper as the one you can buy. I love fresh and self pepared things better than just buy things anyway.

Here is what I did today:

I used filtered Water and put in:
- fresh mint
- lime & oranges

It's super refreshing and has a lot of Vitamins and Minerals. I can not repeat it often enough. Just now when the summer tunrs to fall I need a lot of Vitamins to keep healthy.

Here are some more combinations you might like:

  • Orange - Lime - Rosemary
  • Grape - Lime - Honey
  • Lemon - Ginger
  • Rosemary - Cumcumber
  • Blackberry - Ginger
  • Blueberry - Orange
  • Raspberry - Lemon

Have a happy day,


  1. Hey Susi,

    if you do, for example "Grape - Lime - Honey" ... how do you actually prepare the food ... Just chopping up and adding to the water?

    Do you squeeze the Lemon/Lime/Orange etc? Or just cut into slides and add to the water?

    thanks for the tips, I will try it tonight,

  2. I would cut the grapes in half, slice the Lime and put a bit honey in. The water gets flavored after a bit even if you don't squeeze the fruits. For a more intense taste you can squeeze them a little. Mint for example I do chop a little before I put it in the water.