Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

Food out of the garden

Hi all,

I already told you that I ate Zucchini the whole summer long. Also my freezer is full of it. But his plants seem never to stop producing even more.
At the moment I have counted 13 more Zucchinis and today I've got some of them in again to prevent them from getting even bigger.

I also harvested some last green beens.

And here is the amount of mint, parsley, basil and salie. I keep them in the freezer as well.

Next year I will go for only one Zucchini plant but more corn. Also I would like to try a little bit of salad and tomatos. The beans I want to let grow up next time and I hope to be able to let at least one pumpkin plant survive next year. But well, I will have to wait anyway, right?

Many greetings,

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