Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

Now & Then - How your life changed in the last 10 years?

Hi all,

Ina from the Blog what Ina loves want's to know today what has changed for us in the past 10 years.
I can tell you - a lot! :)

10 years ago with 19 I was just in the middle of my apprenticeship. For that I was moving away from my parents - 500km. Luckily I had my 2 sisters close to me.
With 21 I was able to work and live in England for 6 month. That was amazing. Even though I was home sick from time to time.
I loved it there. I lived in Portsmouth during that time.

After I finished my apprenticeship I started working immediately. My company gave me a 6 month contract. It was a hard time for me then as some of my colleagues had not the best business manners. But luckily I had a few fantastic people around. K & I - happy to have you!

Shortly after that I started to study next to my fulltime job. I was working 9-5 and meeting friends to learn 1-2 times a week. Also Fridays and Saturdays I had lessons to attend and the Sunday I usually needed to use for a wrap up. And that for 3 years. But I made it! I am very proud of that.
Time was not always easy these days. Sometimes I wanted to stay in bed Saturday morning so badly. But after all I am very proud of myself as I finished it at the end.

I've got a better job after I was done and liked it. I could do more of what I always loved - working together with people. I was always into HR but now working as a recruiter. I developed my skills and had finally more time to do thinks I like. Photography and reading for example. I always loved taking pictures. It's my Dad's fault. He got me my first camera when I was 6. By then I had a slightly better camera then the one I've got from him back then. :)

And now, since about 1 1/2 year I am living in the Netherlands. I life in a smal house, together with 2 cats and a dog and I love it here. I think within that time I have changed so much. I've got much more independent as I ever was as I've got all the time I need for myself. I became more relaxed and I am just happy.

Well, moved a lot as you see. Let's see what the next 10 years will bring.
Here some pictures of the last 10 years. I created a collage not about me but pictures I took. I like them because of the place, a situation or people I am with. 

Have a nice Sunday,


  1. vielen dank für den tollen beitrag :D

  2. so jetzt versuch ich nochmal ... ein super Beitrag.

    I like the pictures from Ireland, Mainz, Dresden and Frankfurt ... amazing. You can really be proud of what you have achieved in these last years.

    Some of the things are similar to what I have done ... as we are both from Saxony :) and moving abroad ... me living now not far away from Portsmouth.

    Looking forward to the next 10years, it will be fab!