Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2013

Planting flower bulbs in containers

Hi all,

this year I wanted to try something new. I still have plenty of flower bulbs from this spring. I kept them dry on a cool and dark place and now I wanted to use them again.
As from this year on we started our little veggi garden space is something I don't give easily away. But you need flowers of course to bring bees, ladybugs and all the other bugs in your garden. That why I did not want to have no flowers in the garden.

Then I had the idea to plant the bulbs in 2 big containers I still have. And I did.
Unfortunately you and me have to wait until next spring to see if everything works out.

I also cleaned out the garden a little bit. There I found something very funny. I did put some radish seeds in the ground this summer but the snails immediately ate the green when it came out. So I said good bye to the idea of eating fresh radish this year.
Look what I found after cleaning out this piece of the garden:

Surely they are not tasty anymore but for next year I learned to not give up so fast :)

Have a great day,

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