Samstag, 11. Januar 2014

Project Life, I am getting started

Hi all,

I decided to do my own Project Life this year. Not with all the expensive craft supplies you can order online. No, just with a notebook, a printer and some pens. I still have so much Scrapbooking supplies that I hardly need anything new.

So today I removed the dust from my Polaroid Pogo (thanks again Katja) and my Canon Selphy and started the printing. I just really need a printer cable for the Selphy as pictures that I edited can not be read by this printer if I use a SD card. So next week: get a printer cable.

Here is my first page from last week. I also started with this week but I am not finished jet.
So did you also start a Project Life folder/book? Maybe you are doing this already for years :) 
Well I hope I keep up with this. I always was a bad diary writer but I think one time per Week I can manage. 

And it encourages me to take more pictures again. This hobby I left a little bit behind the past weeks. I want to take more pictures again!!!!

Have a great Weekend you all.
Many greetings,


  1. Hi Susann. Nice to see You to start the Project. Not everybody have a good memories from the past, and so many years I just do not want to remember. My life start again (mayby really start) 3 years ago when I decide move to Norway. I think, I found the place to live, and my Project is my everyday blog. Greetings from Bergen.

    1. You are right Inna. Some thing are just not to remember. I am glad you found a place you love. The same happened to me 2 years ago. I wish you millions of happy moments every day!