Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Getting more and more into crocheting - new results

Hi all,

as I told you I got more and more into crocheting. 
First I made new scarfs for me and my boyfriend. They turned out very nice. Unfortunately it is not so cold right now so we can't really wear them.

But here is how they look like:

Also, I told you my sister is pregnant and I see more and more things I want to make for the new baby in the Family.

I did show you the first pair of shoes I made for her here.
Now I made this ones. I found an introduction Video on youtube. This was so helpful. I can not read patterns very well yet, but I am learning.
I think I will make another pair for a friend of mine who is expecting a baby next year as well.

I am still busy finishing my first project. I made a huge granny square blanked for one of our side boards in the living room. I had done all of the single granny squares already a while ago. (16 big ones and 156 small) but I still need to finish to sew them together - getting there soon I hope. I will show you the result as soon as I am done.

Another project (also for my sisters baby) will be super cute finger puppets.
I keep you posted :)

Remember to have a good time,

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