Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

New Tea

Hi all,

today I went to te Saturday market and realized there - it is only Friday. No booth to see. Hahahahahaha
I think my vacation was worth it. I am totally relaxed as you can see. And the best thing is, I have gained one more day before I have to start work again on Monday.

But being in the city center already we went to one of the biological supermarkets. I found this fantastic tea box:

We do drink a lot of tea as we stopped drinking coffee. I like to have different kinds of tea at home as I want to taste not only the same. And I love to try new things as well. But most often you have to buy one of the big bags immediately and if you don't like the taste you are stuck with it. Hari Tea sells the "Buddha Box" there you have one tea bag of each sort they have - 11 in total.
The tea is organic and in cotton tea bags.

I immediately tried "Mindscape" with the flavor of ginger and lemon grass. I love it. The taste is rich but not too strong. Just how I like it. I think with ginger you can easily get to much and then it gets to spicy for my taste and you hardly prove the other herbs. But this tea is a perfect composition. 

And no, this is not a sponsored post, just my opinion.
Have a great day,

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