Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Planting 2014

Hi all,

as you know I can hardly wait until I can start digging in the garden again.
Today I made a plan on what I want to plant. I will build a raised bed in a "u" shape and divide it into 7 pieces. It will have the following plants:

1) beans, small radish
2) tomatoes & onions
3) tomatoes & garlic
4) egg plant & peas
5) zucchini
6) carrots & fennel
7) bell pepper & chili

Besides this I will have corn in the small space and pumpkin in the front yard. I also will try potatoes in a tower.
Maybe I will even try to grow some salad in containers.

I will make a plan on when to start with the seeds. I think I will need one more of the small green houses I have. Like this one:

Also I may not forget to plant a lot of flowers around the garden. Last year we had a little less bees and ladybugs here. The first month will be covered with tulips and stuff but I need to decide what to plant next to it. And I am still thinking about the bug hotel :)

Here some flowers from last year:

Have a nice day all,

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