Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

We enjoy our vacation

Hi all,

we totally enjoy the time off right now.
We had some nice walks were I took this pictures:

As you can see I really like this weather. Cold but sunny. Perfect for a nice morning walk and so thought Floris :)

For Christmas we spend some time in Germany. We stayed in Idar Oberstein and also went to see my Family. It was great to have them around once again. One of my sisters is pregnant right now so I took her something:

They are so cute. I cant wait see the little one wearing them. But well, I will have to wait. In the meanwhile I already started new projects for the soon to come baby. I will keep you posted.
Also I will show you pictures of my 2 scarfs. They are now done and so nice and warm. Only that we have about 10-12 ° here right now and it is a little to warm to wear them hahahaha.

Also I will soon post the missing granola receipt. :) To my friend Inge: Try it out. It is super easy and really, really tasty!

Today we spent our time painting the hall and the toilet. You do understand that my arms are getting tired, right? So I better stop writing now. 

Another post will come soon.

Have a great time,

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