Samstag, 14. Dezember 2013

Early morning walk

Hi all,

finally! Today is the first day of my 3 weeks vacation. I woke up early as the sun was shining and so I took the dog for an early morning walk.

I love to be outside when not much people walking and just enjoy the nature.
Today I took my mobile with me to show you how nice it is around here.

For the next days I have planned to get used to a smal breakfast again. I usually don't eat before I got to work and then I grab some snacks. This I would like to change. And I think during the upcomming days of my vacation is a great time.

Therefore I already purchased some superfoods such as Chis Seeds and raw chocolade powder. But today I made my very own breakfast granola :)
It still needs to cool down so I will show you the result tomorrow.

Have a nice evening,

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